TurtleCare volunteering
  • Last updated:
  • 28 Jun 2022

The TurtleCare Volunteer program aims to sustain an ongoing marine turtle monitoring program. The goal is to identify and record species, nesting locations, frequency and success rates of nesting activity.


TurtleCare Sunshine Coast take care of nesting from North Bribie Island to Point Cartwright, while Coolum and North Shore Coast Care deal with nesting between Mooloolaba and Sunshine Beach. Both groups can be contacted via the links below.

Typical duties

  • Monitor and maintain nesting conditions
  • Monitor turtle nesting populations
  • Monitor the emergence success of clutches
  • Monitor and minimise fox predation.

 TurtleCare Volunteering video.

Read more information about becoming a TurtleCare volunteer.

How to apply 

Due to the relatively low nesting density of turtles on the Sunshine Coast our TurtleCare volunteer group is made up of local residents who have access to nesting beaches and can commit to an ongoing roster, preferably daily or at least weekly for three to four months over Summer.

Sign up online to apply to become a TurtleCare volunteer. 

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