Feral chital deer

Feral chital deer, like other feral deer, cause a range of impacts on primary production and natural areas.

Feral chital deer (Axis axis) is a restricted invasive species under the Biosecurity Act. Any deer not kept in a deer proof enclosure is considered to be feral.

In Queensland feral chital deer must not be kept, moved, fed, given away, sold or released into the environment without a permit.


  • rusty red to dark brown coat colour
  • striking white patch on throat
  • lines of white spots on body
  • beige colour on stomach, inner legs and under tail
  • distinctive high-pitched alarm call when disturbed

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Similar species

Feral fallow deer (Dama dama) are known to occur in our local government area. Feral fallow deer is also a restricted invasive species under the Biosecurity Act. Sightings of any feral deer species can be reported to council.

If you see a feral chital deer (or any other feral deer) report it to council as soon as possible.