Environment Levy Policy, Program and Progress
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Jul 2018

The Environment Levy is an annual payment that is included in your rates. It allows council to invest in the future of the Sunshine Coast Council area, and in doing so provides lasting conservation and lifestyle benefits to its residents and visitors.

The Environment Levy allows council to:

  • buy, protect and enhance environmentally significant land
  • deliver on-ground environmental projects
  • build knowledge through research, planning and monitoring projects
  • engage support and partner with the community to deliver conservation outcomes.

Environment Levy Annual Report 2016-17

The Environment Levy Annual Report 2016-17 is available to view. It shows where and how Environment Levy money was spent in 2016-17.

There are now two ways to view this report:

Report highlights

  • Council has spent $3.7M on purchasing two new Environment Levy reserves.
  • Council partners with 942 Land for Wildlife members, supports 74 voluntary conservation agreement partners, has supported 22 not-for-profit community groups, and provided $304,000 in Landholder Environment Grants to 97 private landholders.
  • Council has funded $1.2M into on-ground environmental projects, like removing weeds in road reserves, rehabilitating coastal dunes and reserves, and restoring waterway vegetation in the Mary River, Maroochy River and Pumicestone Passage.

Previous reports

Environment Levy Program (2017-21)

In 2017, council endorsed the first year expenditure of a four-year Environment Levy Program[16KB]

The projects funded are grouped as follows:

  • land acquisition
  • major projects
  • community engagement and support
  • environmental operational management.

Environment Levy Policy

In 2017, council adopted a revised Environment Levy Policy[58KB]. The policy:

  • explains the distribution of revenue
  • outlines the arrangements for managing the allocations and the Environment Levy Program.

Environment Levy progress reporting 

Council communicates achievements via annual and quarterly reports. These reports summarise direct and indirect outcomes of the Environment Levy Program, which is often complemented by contributions from government, community and private partners.

Environment Levy revenue and expenditure is also reported each year in council's annual report.

Environment Levy quarterly reports:-

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More information

If you would like more information about the Environment Levy, please contact council’s customer service centre.