Environment Levy Land Acquisition

Land purchased through the Environment Levy helps protect the environment. It also helps conserve the region’s native bushland, plants and animals for future generations.

These land acquisitions are essential to achieve outcomes outlined in the Sunshine Coast Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2020.

Council gives priority to properties that:

  • Build on the region’s existing conservation estate
  • Connect core and connecting habitat areas
  • Have significant biodiversity values
  • Protect habitats of threatened plants and animals
  • Protect important corridors for wildlife movement.

Since 2008, council has purchased around 1020 hectares of land for conservation. This brings the total to over 2830 hectares of land purchased by the Environment Levy since it began in the early nineties.

The program also contributes funding towards any:

  • Planning and surveying costs
  • Initial management of the land purchased.

Recent Land Acquisition properties

Three new properties have recently been purchased through the Environment Levy Acquisition Program, see the attached overview[8947KB] of the properties.

More information

If you would like more information about the Environment Levy, please contact council’s customer service centre.