Celebrating Conservation Volunteers in National Volunteer Week - Amber Grimley
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Aug 2020

Amber Grimley was awarded the Eumundi Australia Day Award in 2016 for her contribution to sustainability. Amber was recognised by the Eumundi and District Community for her contribution to the Eumundi Bushcare Group.

Amber started the group in March 2015. Her determination and leadership has resulted in many volunteer hours spent restoring the Sunken Gardens in Pacey Street. The group meet for a couple of hours on the 4th Sunday of each month. 

Since the groups establishment the site has significantly changed. The removal of weed species and replacement with local native species where needed, has led to the restoration of a large section of the park. The project has generated excellent interest from the local community as the group work towards creating a space that can be used and enjoyed by all. The next project that the group have on the agenda is to install nest boxes throughout the park to provide habitat for a variety of hollow dependant fauna.

Congratulations Amber, Just a small recognition for your ongoing hard work and commitment to the environment.

Amber’s story - It all started with a Richmond Birdwing Butterfly really. I had been walking past Eumundi's Sunken Garden for quite a few years, as I live not too far away. It is a pretty amazing spot that not many people know about, and it is so close to the Eumundi village. The Sunken Garden is a disused quarry that was planted out with exotic palms by a local Councillor many years ago. The gardens are now looking like they need some TLC. Surrounding the garden is a small amount of native bushland, which has been invaded by weeds. But the native species far outweigh the weed species!

So I started pondering what can be done? Then I heard about Council's Community Nature Conservation Program. At about the same time, I saw a Richmond Birdwing Butterfly flitter through my property towards the Sunken Garden! That settles it I thought, and I wrote an article in the Eumundi Green to drum up support.

The local community showed some interest and we had our first working bee in March 2015.

We are a small group, but a passionate one. It is a special space and we hope to turn it into an area that the local community and wildlife can enjoy.

Apparently we had the highest turn out for the War on Weeds day last year!
We are lucky to have a fabulous local magazine, the Eumundi Green, which we write regular articles for. This has generated quite a lot of interest within the community for our natural, green places. It was the Eumundi Green that nominated me for the Australia Day Award and I thank them greatly. This award was unexpected but I am extremely happy to have received it and it has strengthened my passion.

Thank you Sunshine Coast Council for your amazing support and for the fabulous Community Nature Conservation Program. And thank you for our new sign! It looks great