Maroochydore beach nourishment
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Jan 2022

The Sunshine Coast has approximately 60km of coastline, from Caloundra to Peregian Beach. Our coastline is vulnerable to severe erosion during storms, swells and weather events.

To enable a coordinated approach in managing shoreline erosion, Council endorsed a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP). The SEMP provides a ten year action plan and recommends preferred management options.

Beach nourishment works are an erosion protection measure to provide a buffer for 'storm bites'. A 'storm bite' is a certain volume of sand that storm events need to take. As sand erodes each storm season the beach nourishment program needs to be repeated about every two years to keep the buffer big enough.

Beach nourishment is a preferred option to managing erosion along the Maroochydore Beach. This program extracts clean sand from the dynamic area at the Maroochy River mouth by using a mechanical pump on a pontoon. The sand and water slurry gets pushed along a permanent pipeline that is on surface at the back of the dune. The sand exits along various parts of the beach via a temporary pipeline. It targets areas that are showing signs of erosion.

The next campaign to renourish Maroochydore Beach will be in the middle of 2023 and will place 100,000m3 of clean sand on the beach.