Currimundi Lake Maintenance
  • Last updated:
  • 28 May 2020

Article by Georgia Keeshan, Coastal Engineer, Sunshine Coast Council 

Currimundi Lake is an important coastal asset for both the community and the local wildlife. The dynamic nature of the mouth and lack of hard structures such as training walls means that active management of the entrance location is unavoidable.

One management technique, managed by council that has proven effective for erosion control measures is the use of a sand ‘berm’ at the lake mouth. This allows the entrance to be maintained generally to the north of the lake and protects the southern hard assets, i.e. roads, parks and buildings, from migration of the mouth and subsequent erosion.

During the last few summer storm seasons, and in particular during Tropical Cyclone Oma, approximately 40m of this berm was lost. Environmental Operations’ coastal team recently organised a large scale reconstruction of the berm. The reconstruction was completed with a 25 tonne excavator, two articulated dump trucks and a D6 swamp dozer, taking sand from the sand plug at the entrance to the berm around 200m away.

The works occurred under our new Whole of System Permit for Currimundi Lake which was approved by State authorities last year. This combines many different permits into a ‘one stop shop’ for Currimundi Lake works. Many stakeholders were involved in these works and the coastal team made sure that all recreational, environmental and structural objectives were followed. We have received very positive feedback.