Book the Coastal Discovery Van for your school or organisation
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Mar 2021

One of the greatest joys we can bring to the world around us is the ability to educate the younger generations. In March we are bringing back the Coastal Discovery Van for 2021. SeaWeek is on the horizon and there is no better time to seek out this educational tool for your school or organisation.

In 2021, we encourage schools to jump on board and invite students to engage with the exciting world of the marine environment. The van is an educational tool, fitted with interpretative and informative displays. Students will learn about coastal processes that influence our beaches and waterways, and key natural coastal values of the region. We provide tailored lesson plans and a Coastal Guardians passport to engage your students.

Last year the Coastal Discovery Van visited many schools to teach about the coastal processes that take place in our backyards. Lessons ranged from prep to grade eight. Students engaged with the interactive elements of the van, as the teachers guided them through the lessons.

“The Coastal Discovery Van facilitated a whole school visit for us in Term 3, which aligned perfectly with our Science unit." said Emily Smith, teacher at local Montville Primary School.

"All students from across the year levels thoroughly enjoyed the visit and liked completing the discovery passport activity. Both presenters were engaging with the students and they enjoyed the interactive side of the van, being able to see how tides work and using the microscopes to investigate sand and shells etc."

"It was a fantastic incursion and we will be booking the van to come and visit again.”

SeaWeek is a nationwide awareness campaign running from the 6 - 14 March. Providing information, education and appreciation to the seas that surrounds our country, and the flora and fauna that inhabit them. SeaWeek is an excellent opportunity to use the van’s lessons to enthuse students about the exciting coastal processes that happen around them on the Sunshine Coast.

If you are a school or an organisation that would like to seek use of the van or for more information please contact us via email or visit our website.