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  • 10 Jun 2019

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2018 Sunshine Coast Environment and Liveability Photography Award Finalists

Open Category Senior Category Junior Category

Alycia Rubulis
Rachel Anning
Raymond Balck
Lynn Barbera
Ian Beaton
Shanna Bignell
Michael Boucher
Jack Brownlee
Jason Cassidy
Marlee Currie
Simon Drew
Peter Evans
Dan Hayward
Rene Liniger
Rick Monk
Tyrone Partington
Raoul Slater
Jack Tindall
Sylvia Wallis
Nicky Weise
Dave Wilcock

Dean Claydon
Ethan Farquharson
Oliver Holmes (2 images)
Lakeisha Hopper
Mayah Kanigowski
Riley Thomson
Keely Ugarte-Manning

Bodhi Kliese
Cooper Rocker
Alex Roper
Sam Williams

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A. Rubulis - Natures Uncontrollability R. Anning - Sun rays
R. Balck - Disaster L. Barbera - Rainy Season
I. Beaton - Tree snake lunch S. Bignell - Autumn sunrise over Mount Coolum
M. Boucher - Quiet space J. Brownlee - Misty Gheerulla morning
J. Cassidy - Sands of time D. Claydon - Human Nature
M. Currie - Tubular S. Drew - Farm from Mount Beerwah
P. Evans - Restless Flycatcher E. Farquharson - Cockatoo Creek
D. Hayward - Free energy O. Holmes - Wallaby resting
O. Holmes - New beginnings L. Hopper - Beautiful bird
M. Kanigowski - Across the river B. Kliese - Frog camouflage
R. Liniger - Osprey with fish R. Monk - Natures unseen growth
T. Partington - Coloured sands C. Rocker - Glass House Mountains
A. Roper - Crystal ball dawn R. Slater - Rainbow web
R. Thomson - Seaweed tumble J. Tindall - People at play
K. Ugarte-Manning - Im holy Fred S. Wallis - Evening stroll
N. Weise - Sheer presence D. Wilcock - Ewen Maddock Dam
S. Williams - Moffat gold
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