Conservation Field Day
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Nov 2022

Council invites our environmental community partners to be inspired and informed around a myriad of environmental hands-on technical sessions at the inaugural Conservation Field Day.

The field day will showcase over 15 practical workshops including fauna monitoring and assessments, cultural heritage, plant identification walks, nest boxes, weed management techniques, herbicide use and numerous restoration approaches. The day will also provide opportunities to discover the latest in technologies and discuss practical solutions in conservation. It will be a chance to connect some of those missing pieces in the conservation puzzle across the various projects being undertaken in the region.


  • 16 August 2014 9.00 am - 3.00 pm
  • Registration for the 2014 Conservation Field Day will open in June
  • Lunch and transport will be provided and places are limited
  • Seats will fill fast, so ensure you book to avoid disappointment.

The Conservation Field Day will also be a prodigious opportunity to explore one of the council's conservation purchases funded through the Environment Levy Program. The reserve comprises 142.7 hectare of land situated in the upper Stanley River Catchment.

Fauna and flora assessments carried out have indicated high biodiversity and associated habitat values. There are records of 205 native plant species, including 22 Shire Significant Species. Seasonal fauna surveys have identified 145 native animal species, 79 bird species and 36 mammal species. Surveys of the reserve have identified this site as supporting the largest continuous area of breeding habitat in Queensland for Giant-barred Frogs.