Bush Hands is evolving
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Dec 2022

Bush Hands publication will be evolving, with an electronic version being introduced as the main source of distribution.

Council has been considering this over many years and has reached this decision based on several factors. Many people are extremely fond of Bush Hands in its hard copy form, however as we increasingly live in a digital age council feels this is the way forward.

This is also a financial decision, as the hard copy newsletter has a significant cost to produce – this money can be better spent supporting the on-ground activities of our volunteers and landholders. Annually, 50 trees are chopped down and it takes 3.21 tonnes of carbon emissions to produce Bush Hands, and as an environmentally responsible organisation, council is keen to reduce our footprint.

With the evolution of this electronic format, council will be looking at including content such as videos, include links to information on the council’s website and other organisations. Input of articles and events from the  volunteers, Land for Wildlife landholders, and our community partners is still welcomed. Council would like to continue to use the publication as another tool in your marketing tool belt to promote your activities as much as for council to share environment projects. Subscriptions will be open to all Sunshine Coast residents.

With this evolution council is considering changing the name to reflect the broader scope of the publication and is keen to hear if you have any suggestions. Please CommunityNature@sunshinecoast.qld.gov. au or contact your council Liaison Officer.