Environment Levy Fauna Monitoring Project
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Dec 2022

The council Environment Levy is funding the largest fauna monitoring project ever to be carried out in council’s reserves.

This project started in June 2013 and will receive $570,000 worth of funding over a four year period. The project involves undertaking inventory fauna surveys at 10 high value environmental reserves, developing a monitoring program for particular indicator fauna species and developing a central data storage system for all fauna records on council owned and managed lands. This will ensure records are maintained efficiently and effectively for future use.

The overall project aims to better inform and ultimately improve management practices within our reserves to ensure ecological values are protected, maintained and enhanced. These results will contribute to the conservation of native flora and fauna and the habitats they are dependent on.

The surveys are mainly focussed on mammal (including bats) and reptile fauna within the reserves but are also noting any incidental observations as they progress.

There have been some exciting finds already from the first year (2013-2014) of seasonal surveys in four reserves including:

  • 13 species of micro-bats found in the Bells Creek area which were previously unrecorded in this location
  • the first confirmed record of one of Australia’s rarest native rodent, the vulnerable water mouse (Xeromys myoides) at Bells Creek Environmental Reserve
  • the endangered Coxen’s fig parrot (Cyclopsitta diopthalma coxeni) was noted as a likely observation at Upper Mooloolah Nature Refuge, Bald Knob. This is the first credible sighting of this species on the Sunshine Coast since 2006.

2014-2015 surveys have kicked off already with consultants working at:

  • Brannocks Environmental Reserve in Landsborough
  • Coochin Creek Esplanade Reserve in Beerwah
  • Bobbie Sattler Environmental Reserve in Bells Creek, and will soon commence in
  • Buderim Forest conservation network.

Some of the interesting sightings so far include:

  • the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 listed vulnerable black-breasted button-quail (Turnix melanogaster) in Bobbie Sattler Environment Reserve
  • the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 listed vulnerable grey headed flying-fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) in Brannocks Environmental Reserve.

This project is being progressed in conjunction with the fauna surveys being undertaken in some of our recently acquired Environment Levy reserves to assist in building a more comprehensive data base.

Check out the 2013-2014 Environment Levy Annual Report on Council’s website for further

information on this project and many others.

Photograph Xeromys myoides - K.Aland