Coordinators Meeting
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Jan 2023

Coordinators from Community Nature Conservation groups across the Sunshine Coast and Coolum District Coast Care came together on 5 December 2014 to review the past year and share ideas for the year to come. The purpose of the day was to brainstorm ways to develop the program, discuss ideas and build networks between groups.

The morning started with Kenneth McClymont presenting an overview of the program for 2014, he also explained how the Community Nature Conservation Program (CNCP) fits into the overall council structure. In 2014 there were 12 workshops with a total of 325 participants, two new groups at Quota Extension Park and Buddina, and four editions of Bushhands published, War on Weeds, National Tree Day, Garden Expo, Big Day Out at Kirbys Road, corporate volunteering events and community days.

As conversation developed it was interesting to discover that most groups faced the same challenges. How to increase recruitment of members to groups and raise awareness of issues was a key topic that generated excellent discussion and many great new ideas.

Norm Morwood coordinator of Namba Creek, Florabunda Pocket and Quota Extension Park groups spoke about their successes from the past three years and what has worked for them. Varied working bee times to cater for a wider range of people, regular market stalls at the Big Pineapple with information about local group working bees and face-to-face interaction with the community to raise awareness about issues were just some of the effective techniques.

What’s new in 2015 -  council officers have been working to develop a Community Nature Conservation website which will allow CNCP volunteers to access useful resources and easily find out about upcoming workshops and events, along with an updated CNCP brochure with group times and dates and regular media advertising of groups to attract new members.

It was agreed that the meeting was very worthwhile and it will continue to be held each year in November.