Environment Levy partners with the Community
  • Last updated:
  • 09 Dec 2022

Council has delivered more than half a million dollars to 24 environmentally focussed community groups through the 2014/2015 Environment Levy Partnerships Program.

The $60 Environment Levy, contributed by all ratepayers annually, funds an important program which assists to protect and enhance the Sunshine Coast's environment.

The Environment Levy Program provides up to three years partnership funding to community groups whose operations or services contribute to the Sunshine Coast environment. These partnerships allow council to better engage and work with the community to build effective partnerships to assist in the delivery of council's environmental strategies, including the Biodiversity Strategy 2010-2020, Waterways and Coastal Management Strategy 2011-2021 and the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area Pest Management Plan 2012-2016.

This year the Partnership Program included an expression of interest phase, which allowed council to sit down with groups and establish some shared goals and priorities. There was overwhelming interest in the funding program with the Sunshine Coast being fortunate enough to have so many community groups who work tirelessly for the environment.

Mary River Catchment Coordinating Committee covers the largest catchment area in the region and was successful in receiving a three-year partnership of $66,601. This group is a well organised long term partner coordinating with council programs and delivering catchment care in the Sunshine Coast hinterland including environmental extension, water quality monitoring, biodiversity investigation and monitoring, educaton and project support.

Barung Landcare Assocation Incorporated has over 700 active members and has been contributing to the protection and enhancement of the region's natural assets for 25 years. This group will receive a three year partnership of $47,000 per year.

Maroochy Waterwatch Incorporated facilitates community actions that contribute to the sustainable use and management of the Maroochy River and the catchment. This group will receive a three year partnership of $46,507 per year.

Coolum and North Shore Coast Care is another successful applicant receiving a three year partnership of $23,950 per year. This group is an active and inclusive community group that undertakes activties such as turtle monitoring, dune rehabilitation, education and the management of a community nursery.

The invaluable contribution of the coast's wildlife carers was also recognised with several wildlife rescue and rehabilitation groups receiving funding including Wildlife Volunteers Association Incorporated, Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue, Bat Rescue Inc., and Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.