Overview of Submissions and Responses
  • Last updated:
  • 11 Jul 2018

Overview of Submissions and Responses

Council received 3252 submissions during the consultation period for the Draft Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme. Of these, 2880 related to the de-amalgamated Sunshine Coast Council area.

A range of issues were raised. About a third of submissions sought a change in zoning for a particular property or group of properties. Around half of submissions related to a handful of localised issues. For example, over 900 submitters were concerned with extractive resources near Browns Creek Road, Bridges and Yandina Creek.

While a number of issues have emerged as key concerns, on the whole the draft planning scheme was well received by the community. A summary of the submissions and an overview of council's response is provided in the Summary of Submissions and Responses [PDF 80KB].

Council has prepared key issue reports to provide more detailed responses to the concerns raised. They have been categorised into 'region wide' and 'area specific'.

Region wide key issues

Local area key issues