Preliminary Consultation (February-March 2022)
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Jun 2022

Council is in the early stages of preparing a new planning scheme. Our new planning scheme will guide future land use and development and will also seek to protect the things we love about our region.

To help inform the development of the new planning scheme, council prepared the Sunshine Coast Land Use Planning Proposal 2041, which includes:

Council also identified "hot planning topics" or issues for consideration in the drafting of the new planning scheme.

Council undertook preliminary consultation on the proposed regional and local planning directions, proposed local plan area boundaries and hot planning topics in February and March 2022.  Feedback received during the preliminary consultation period is currently being considered by council. The outcomes of the preliminary consultation will be released in due course, and will help inform the drafting of the new planning scheme. 

Visit our Have your say webpage for further information on the preliminary consultation.

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