New Planning Scheme Community Reference Group
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Sep 2021

Council has established a Community Reference Group (CRG) to provide key input and guidance to council about the best ways to engage with the community during preparation of the proposed new planning scheme.

Input from the CRG will initially inform the overarching Communications and Engagement Strategy and the Preliminary Consultation Program for the New Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme Project.


The CRG consists of an independent chairperson (appointed by council) and 10 community members.

The members of the CRG represent a range of interest areas and demographics to ensure that the group is representative and inclusive of our diverse Sunshine Coast community.

The CRG members are:

  • Karen Neuendorf (Chair)
  • Professor Robert Elliot (individual nomination)
  • Louise Formosa (individual nomination)
  • Carl Nancarrow (Urban Development Institute Australia (UDIA) Sunshine Coast Branch)
  • Stephen Burton (individual nomination)
  • Melva Hobson (Organisation of Sunshine Coast Association of Residents (OSCAR)) 
  • Trevor Rice (Sunshine Coast Access Advisory Network Inc)
  • Narelle McCarthy (Sunshine Coast Environment Council (SCEC))     
  • Sarah Sargent (individual nomination)
  • Gunter Nolle (Sunshine Coast Youth Council)
  • Abbey Lindley (individual nomination)


It is intended that the CRG will have several meetings prior to the finalisation of the Preliminary Consultation Program for the proposed new planning scheme. 

Further meetings of the CRG may be held at key project milestones over the life of the Project.

Terms of Reference

For further details on the roles and responsibilities of the CRG, please review the Community Reference Group Terms of Reference[557KB].

More information

For more information call council's Strategic Planning Branch on 5420 8953 or email