Amendment: Palmview (5 November 2010)
  • Last updated:
  • 20 Mar 2019

Council adopted the Palmview Structure Plan including the Palmview Structure Plan Planning Scheme Policy and Consequential Planning Scheme Amendments (as amendments to Maroochy Plan 2000 and Caloundra City Plan 2004) on 1 November 2010. These amendments took effect on 5 November 2010.

The amendments to Maroochy Plan 2000 reflect the removal of that part of Palmview contained in Maroochy Plan 2000 and inserting it instead into Caloundra City Plan 2004.

Commencement of the amendments

The amendments came into effect on 5 November 2010.

  • Amended pages[214KB] for printing and insertion into hard copies of Maroochy Plan 2000
  • Amended maps for printing and insertion into hard copies of Maroochy Plan 2000:
Volume 1: Maps
Map 1.1 Planning Areas and Precincts Map[4455KB]
Regulatory Map 1.1 Nature Conservation Management Areas[4539KB] 
Regulatory Map 1.2 (1 of 2) Waterways[5581KB]  
Regulatory Map 1.2 (2 of 2) Wetlands and Fish Habitat Areas[4130KB] 
Regulatory Map 1.3 (1 of 2) Landslip Hazard[7509KB]   
Regulatory Map 1.3 (2 of 2) Steep Land[7315KB]  
Regulatory Map 1.4 Acid Sulphate Soils Areas[3796KB] 
Regulatory Map 1.5 Flood Prone and Drainage Constraint Areas[3440KB] 
Regulatory Map 1.6 Water Resource Catchment Areas[3302KB] 
Regulatory Map 1.7 Bushfire Prone Areas[5363KB]  
Regulatory Map 1.8 (1 of 7) SC Airport Obstacle Limitation Surface[3662KB]   
Regulatory Map 1.8 (3 of 7) SC Airport Runway Separation[2560KB]   
Regulatory Map 1.9 Extractive & Mineral Resource & Buffer Areas[3343KB]  
Volume 2: Maps 
Map 2.1 Strategic Plan[4109KB]  
Map 2.2 Road Hierarchy Map[4066KB] 
Volume 3: Maps 
Planning Area No.3 Sippy Downs[1602KB] 
Fig 3-3.3.3(a) Sippy Downs District Structure Plan[622KB] 
Fig 3-3.3.3(b) Sippy Downs Township Structure Plan[727KB] 
Planning Area No.20 Mountain Creek Valley[1930KB] 
Planning Area No.21 Eudlo Creek Valley[3808KB] 
Volume 4: Maps 
Nature Conservation Strategy Code Map Figure 4-2.1.1[4965KB] 
Waterways Code Map Figure 4-2.1.2(a)[2139KB] 
Wetlands and Fish Habitat Areas Code Map Figure 4-2.1.1(b)[3547KB] 
Designated Bushfire Prone Areas for Building Works Figure 2.1.6[4727KB] 
Appendices: Maps 
Road Hierarchy Transport, Traffic and Parking Policy Map 1[3828KB] 
Biodiversity Desired Environmental Outcomes - Biodiversity Policy Map 1[4349KB] 
Biodiversity Critical and Irreplaceable Values - Biodiversity Policy Map 2[3409KB] 
DC1 Fig 1 Water Supply Trunk Infrastructure[3910KB]
DC1 Fig 2 Sewerage Trunk Infrastructure[4011KB] 
DC1 Fig 3 Water Supply Zonal Headworks Areas[4031KB] 
DC1 Fig 4 Sewerage Sub-Catchment Headworks Areas[4052KB] 
DC2 Fig 1 South - Bikeways Policy[1002KB] 
DC3 Map 1 Trunk Road Infrastructure[3893KB] 
DC5 Fig 1 Public Parks Infrastructure[3805KB] 
DC6 Fig 1 Land for Community Facilities[577KB] 

No printed copies of the amendments will be distributed by council.

A copy of the amendments is also available for inspection or purchase from council's customer service centres.