Infrastructure Charges Register
  • Last updated:
  • 03 Nov 2022

The Infrastructure Charges Register (ICR) is published to comply with the requirements of the Planning Regulation 2017. The ICR contains details on:

  • infrastructure charges that council has levied on development approvals
  • financial reporting on trunk infrastructure revenue and expenditure.

The infrastructure charges information is updated monthly and trunk infrastructure financial reporting information is updated quarterly.

The information contained within the ICR is provided for reporting purposes only and should not be relied on to inform business, commercial or property investment decisions.

To obtain accurate and up to date information relating to the infrastructure charges or infrastructure agreements, an application should be made for the appropriate planning and development certificate.

The ICR contains historical information regarding infrastructure charges notices issue prior to the 1 January 2020, and the full requirements of the Planning Regulation 2017 for notices issued after the 1 January 2020.

The ICR does not contain information regarding contributions for Infrastructure contributions under Planning Scheme Policies.

To view an Infrastructure Charges Notice issued for Material Change of Use or Reconfiguring a Lot development approvals refer to Development.i.

More information

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