Water conservation
  • Last updated:
  • 22 Jun 2022

Reducing the household water use can help if your land application area is overflowing. It is easy to reduce a household's water consumption up to 50% by:

  •  fix any leaks straight away
  • installing water efficient fixtures, appliances and tap ware like:
    • flow restrictors 6-9 litres per minute to all tap ware/outlets discharging to the on-site sewerage facility (OSF)
    • dual flush toilets
    • water efficient washing machine and dishwasher.
  • changing water use habits and behaviours:
    • reduce showers to 3 minutes
    • use the toilet half flush button when appropriate
    • turn off the tap running while cleaning teeth, shaving, peeling vegetables
    • fill the washing machine and dishwasher before use.
  • re-use and co-use water where possible:
    • bathe small children together
    • re-use laundry hand washing water on the garden
    • catch shower water in a bucket while the shower warms up, and use it in the garden.

How to reduce the water load on your OSF

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