Diversion mounds transcript
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Oct 2020

Homeowners often say to me, "Why have I got these gullies and bumps in my yard? Why has the plumber left them like that?"

The point of them is that as the water comes down the hill, it's diverted around the effluent zone in this area.

This is our land application area and what we are trying to do is contain the nutrients within this area so they are consumed by the plants and we don't want those nutrients to run off, and as you can see here, if they (the nutrients) were allowed to run off they would certainly enter the waterway, the creek and then off into the dam.

The excess algae growth that would be caused by the nutrients is an unwanted growth and we have got to prevent that.

So that is what these diversion mounds are all about, so please if they are in your yard do not remove them.

Fact sheets about maintaining your on-site sewerage facility are available on council's website.