Composting toilet systems transcript
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Oct 2020

For some sites, composting toilets offer a great solution.

They place a very low impact on the environment, as all of the waste is collected within the chamber and only a small amount of wastewater is allowed to escape out into a trench nearby.

If we look at the way a composting system works, what we have is a long drop from a pedestal situated directly above the system which drops directly into the tank where the waste matter accumulates.

What we are trying to achieve in the chamber is to combine the waste material with some bulk organic material such as sawdust or food scraps and a little bit of liquid in urine, to provide the perfect environment for micro-organisms to grow and proliferate.

There micro-organisms will break down the waste material into a usable compost. When you use the compost you will dig it in 300mm under your garden so that it does not cause any contamination but it is a useful food source for plants.

Fact sheets about maintaining your on-site sewerage facility are available on council's website.