List of fixtures, fittings, appliances and apparatus
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Nov 2019

This list is a guide for calculating fees and is not exhaustive. It may not include recently released products.


ablution trough  drench (safety) shower
slop hopper
autopsy table drinking fountain
spa bath
bar sink eye (wash)
basin flushing cistern
triple bowl sink
bath foot bath urinal
bedpan macerator  sink water closet (WC)
bedpan washer laboratory sink

bidet laundry trough

bidette pot sink
cleaners' sink sanitary napkin disposal unit

dental cuspidor
dental equipment
shower/bath combination
double bowl sink




air cooling equipment fire hose reel plumbed refrigerator
bain-marie fire hydrant water cooling equipment
chicken cooker food waste disposal unit washing machine
combi oven glass washing machine wok stove
dishwasher ice maker coffee machine
drink dispenser oven prover bratt pan
evaporative air-conditioner  peeler (fruit or vegetable)  tilt kettle 
fire drencher sprinkler system  photographic processor  blast chiller/freezer 
jug rinse pasta cooker


autoclave  registered air gap
cooling arrestor
registered break tank
grease arrestor
boiling water unit
solar water heater
oil arrestor/separator
macerator pump testable backflow prevention device
silt arrestor
water heater
contraband unit neutralizing pit
meter chemical dispenser plaster trap
pneumatic ejector sanitary pump rainwater diversion system
lint trap
rainwater switching device bucket trap