Construction of vehicle crossovers and driveways
  • Last updated:
  • 27 Jul 2022

Your driveway gives vehicles access to your property. In most cases, the driveway is formed from the kerb or edge of the road up to a garage or carport.

The crossover is the section of your driveway that crosses the verge from the kerb or road edge to the property boundary.

You may need approval to construct a new driveway or work in the verge. Basic maintenance like repairing cracks or sealing your driveway does not need council approval.

Planning your driveway

Follow these three steps to ensure you meet requirements.

Step 1: Council street or State controlled road?

If your property access is on a State controlled road you must contact the Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads for approval to construct the crossover.

Visit for information about State controlled roads.

Step 2: Plan the location of your crossover

The position of your crossover can affect traffic and parking in your neighbourhood. Consider your visitors and neighbours' parking needs when locating your new driveway. Read more about parking and the verge.

Locate your driveway away from verge services such as electricity poles and stormwater pits. Council have driveway standard engineering drawings to help you.

Do you have kerb and channel on your street? You need to use the rural driveway design if there is no kerb and channel where you propose to construct your driveway. Refer to standard drawings RS-049, RS-050 and RS-056 to assist you.

Industrial and commercial crossovers must have council approval.

Step 3: Checklist

Complete the crossover checklist (PDF, 409KB). This will tell you if your crossover plans are standard or non-standard.

Standard crossover

If you answered 'yes' to all the checklist questions, your crossover meets standard conditions and you can commence construction.

It is important that you understand your responsibilities as the owner of the property before you start construction.

Non-standard crossover

If you answered 'no' to any of the checklist questions your crossover is 'non-standard'.

You may need to apply for council approval:

This includes where you are modifying an existing crossover's profile, surface, dimensions or materials to a non-standard. Fees apply to operational works and vehicle access applications.

Construction must not start until you have the final approval notice from council.

Owner's responsibility

As the property owner, you are responsible for construction and maintenance of the whole driveway and crossover.

This includes:

  • any associated drainage and kerbing
  • where the crossover crosses the kerb
  • any affected footpath, water course, drain or drainage easement.

Fact sheets and guidelines


For more information, contact council's customer service centre.