Sunshine Coast libraries plan

Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan 2014-2024 at its Ordinary Meeting on 21 August 2014.

Council developed the Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan 2014-2024 to guide the future form and function of Sunshine Coast Libraries over the next decade.


The Sunshine Coast libraries plan sets the direction for library operational and infrastructure matters and aims to ensure a popular and responsive library service now and into the future.

View the plan and its supporting resources:

The Libraries Plan has been developed with the primary purpose of:

  • improving the condition and operation of the library network
  • detailing library site and design considerations
  • developing future libraries in a timely manner.

Key focuses of the plan include:

  • technological advancements
  • community patterns and needs
  • evolving staff roles.

The Sunshine Coast Libraries Network Plan 2019-2041 (PDF, 3873KB) has been written to enhance the Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan 2014-2024. The plan was endorsed by council in November 2019 as an appendix to the Sunshine Coast Regional Arts Infrastructure Framework 2019.

It provides detailed guidance on the planning and ongoing delivery of infrastructure to:

  • support the network of library services
  • ensure they meet the changing needs of the community into the future.

The plan also provides a vision for the future library network and a blue print for investment by outlining a network of well-located, spacious, modern and adaptable libraries. It also describes and supports the role that libraries play in contemporary society.

Community engagement

Council undertook an extensive consultation program to finalise the plan, as detailed in the Supporting Resources.

The community was invited to have their say on the draft Sunshine Coast Libraries Plan 2014-2024. Submissions closed Friday 21 February 2014.


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