International Broadband Submarine Cable
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Aug 2019

Council is facilitating a new international submarine cable landing to south east Queensland by 2020. The cable will stimulate local business, generate new investment, and improve telecommunications diversity to Australia’s east coast.

The Sunshine Coast International Broadband Submarine Cable Project is aligned to our region positioning itself as Australia’s leading smart city region.

This region making project will transform the Sunshine Coast and open up enormous opportunities for the region and the discerning investor.

About the project

From 2020, the Sunshine Coast will deliver Australia’s fastest telecommunications connection to Asia and the second fastest to the United States thanks to a new international submarine cable contract agreed between Sunshine Coast Council and RTI Connectivity Pty Ltd (RTI-C).

The new cable will increase Queensland’s international competitiveness and stimulate new investment.

Independent modelling forecasts that this cable will generate for Queensland:

  • up to 864 new jobs and
  • up to $927 million in new investment.

Queensland businesses will, for the first time, be able to bypass Sydney and connect direct internationally. This will provide business with a range of new opportunities that come with increased speed and diversity. This connectivity will give major data-intensive companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft the opportunity to revisit the benefits of where they locate their Australian investments.The project includes a 550 kilometre undersea fibre optic cable that will connect the Sunshine Coast to the 9,600 kilometre Japan-Guam-Australia-South (JGA-S) submarine cable.

On the world business map

The cable will put the Sunshine Coast on the international business map as a leading investment destination for commerce and industry.

We expect to attract the attention of the world’s biggest data users and those looking for a location with superior telecommunications and data infrastructure.

For the local community, the project will, over time, lead to faster, more affordable broadband access and stimulate investment that will create hundreds of new jobs.

The Sunshine Coast submarine cable project well and truly marks us as Australia’s healthy, smart, creative region.

Where to from here

The project has started and will have an early 2020 completion.

In November 2018, council announced Vertiv as the construction partner for the cable landing station located 44 Maud Street Maroochydore. From February 2019 construction will begin on site with completion expected late August this year.

Later in 2019 construction will begin of the beach manhole and horizontal direction drilling - under the beach dune and out approximately 700m offshore to allow for the installation of the submarine cable towards the end of the year.

Connecting the cable landing station to the beach manhole will be a duct network. These works will take place from late July to early October 2019 (weather and site conditions permitting).

Most people will not experience any impacts from installation. Council will liaise directly with residents and businesses along the installation route as required.

More information

For more information about the cable, visit Invest Campaign website.

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For more information, please contact council’s International Broadband Submarine Cable Project team by emailing