Project summary
  • Last updated:
  • 08 Dec 2020

The expansion will update the stadium's capacity and design as well boost local economy. 


The proposed expansion will boost the venue seating capacity to 11,618 with a total capacity of 16,618 via:

  • A new eastern grandstand with 8085 seats 
  • Expansion of the existing western grandstand to 3533 seats, from 1046
  • Southern and northern mounds will remain to accommodate around 5000 spectators.


The concept design reflects our region’s unique topographical landscape. Innovative features will reflect our subtropical climate and create a distinctly Queensland atmosphere. 

The project will deliver key components such as:

  • increased grandstand seating
  • improved facilities for athletes and officials 
  • multi-purpose/community spaces
  • additional change rooms
  • coaches’ and media boxes, camera platforms and a production area
  • improved first aid facilities
  • enhanced hospitality and function offering
  • improved amenities for spectators.

Fans will enjoy a better experience with:

  • improved seating layout and sight lines
  • supply of food and beverages
  • more public amenities
  • improved access and inclusivity
  • better technology.

Economic impact

An independent economic impact assessment has been commissioned and initial results shared. This work was undertaken by .id The Population Experts and calculated using an input-output model which is derived from the local economy microsimulation model by National Economics (NIEIR).  The key findings of this report were as follows:

  • The combination of all direct, industrial and consumption effects would result in a total estimated increase of 308 jobs located on the Sunshine Coast during the construction phase. 
  • The combination of all direct, industrial and consumption effects would result in total estimated rise in output of $100.6m in the Sunshine Coast economy.
  • Events attracted on a 12-month calendar following the completion of the construction is estimated to have an economic impact of $23.8m which is estimated to add 263 direct and indirect jobs into the Sunshine Coast.