Land use change
  • Last updated:
  • 07 Sep 2020

The urban transformation components of the mass transit project are intrinsic to achieving sustainable transport and urban development outcomes in a fast growing region. The alternative is to see urban sprawl taking up increasing areas of our natural landscape, and generating even more car trips into the coastal precincts.

Urban transformation will be focused on areas close to the mass transit stations which have the greatest potential for renewal, and not on existing high quality residential areas. But importantly, the form, scale and function of that urban transformation close to mass transit stations is yet to be considered in detail.

The focus of any mass transit solution is necessarily on connecting the majority of the region’s population as efficiently as possible, where they live, where they work, where they recreate and where they access services. That is the goal for all successful public transport networks. Urban transformation also has at its heart, the principle of liveability – a value that is highly prized by both council and our community and underpins the principles of Sunshine Coast Design. Council has not departed from – and has no intentions of departing from – this goal and this value.

The Interim Findings Report[1713KB] detailed the intent to develop coastal precincts to achieve a low-key lifestyle that maintains and enhances the Sunshine Coast's valued character and identity through:

  • a series of urban villages containing a mix of uses which create local community hubs connected to the major centres of Maroochydore, Kawana and Caloundra
  • providing for a range of desirable housing choices suitable for an affordable coastal oriented lifestyle
  • containing building height and site cover to deliver a built form that is consistent with a low-key approach to urbanisation, without excessive high-rise development. 

The work done so far for the Options Analysis is indicative only, to study what is possible if a mass transit system is built.  

The detail of urban transformation will be developed with community input over the next few years.