Community Engagement
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Jun 2021

Community engagement on the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis has concluded.  The next phase will be to review the feedback and analyse the findings received during the community engagement period.

Over the 8 weeks from 28 April 2021 to 22 June 2021 we hosted over 50 community engagement activities in relation to the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Options Analysis Report [11202KB]

Thank you to all those who provided feedback on this important project and participated in the following engagement activities:

  • 18 pop-up events
  • 4 virtual reality sessions
  • 2 community round tables that included representative groups, aged care, youth, business, and accessibility groups
  • a special presentation to Council and State Government Officers by MTAG, the Beach Matters Group and OSCAR on their views
  • an Intergenerational Forum that brought together a wide range of interests from across all generations
  • an Enquiry-By-Design workshop
  • an online survey.

In addition to community engagement sessions, council officers also presented at:

  • 5 schools
  • 19 community and stakeholder briefings.

Where to from here?

Once all feedback has been collected we will spend the next few months examining and analysing it.  This will be followed by a review of the draft Options Analysis Report before presenting the report at a future council meeting.

An agenda and meeting details will be published on council’s website prior to the report being considered.

Subject to council’s agreement, a finalised report will be presented to State Government for consideration and further assessment prior to development of a Detailed Business Case.

Engagement Material

Project Brochure[1330KB] - this brochure provides a summary.

Options Analysis Fact Sheets

Mass Transit Stage 1 Route

Slides from Enquiry by Design/Integenerational Forum

Previous community engagement

Council has engaged with the community, business and stakeholders since 2012 about the best ways to service the Sunshine Coast’s growing population, and we will continue this in the detailed business case phase.

An online consultation hub as part of A Line in the Sand (Full Report) Pre-feasibility and Rapid Economic Appraisal Report - 2012[5264KB] report attracted more than 2,900 visits and 228 people took part in the poll on the hub. The recommended proposal for light rail on the Sunshine Coast was supported by 82 per cent of those who completed the poll.

In November 2014 more than 700 people had their say on light rail route options proposed for Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, Kawana and Caloundra. The vast majority (87 per cent) supported council's investigations into light rail and their feedback on route options contributed to the selection by council of a preferred route for further study.

Council undertook market research and community consultation between November 2017 and July 2018 to help shape them Integrated Transport Strategy endorsed by council in 2018. Key findings from the market research and community consultation relevant to the Sunshine Coast Mass Transit Project have been integrated with the business case workings.

Consultation on the broad need for improved transport connections and consolidation of urban development was also carried out during development of the:

The Queensland Government also undertook community consultation in relation to the extent and form of dwelling and employment provision on the Sunshine Coast as part of the preparation of ShapingSEQ - the South East Queensland Regional Plan - released 2017.