Connecting SEQ 2031
  • Last updated:
  • 30 Oct 2018

South East Queensland is one of Australia's most desirable places to live and establish a business.

It is expected to continue rapid growth with an anticipated population increase from 3.1 million today to more than 4.4 million in 2031.

The Connecting SEQ 2031 is the Queensland Government's proposed long-term transport plan to develop a sustainable transport system in the region.  It also directly supports the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

What this means for the Sunshine Coast

The Connecting SEQ 2031 has established targets for the Coast's local government area that aim to:

  • increase active transport (cycling and walking) share from 10.1% to 18%
  • increase public transport from 3.6% to 10%
  • decrease the share of trips by private vehicles from 86.3% to 72%.

This can be achieved if each resident changes just two return trips each week to public transport, cycling or walking.

Council made a submission[148KB] to the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

For more information, visit the Connecting SEQ 2031 website.