Mark - Successful Businessman, Husband and Father
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Mar 2018

Mark is a local property developer and has been running a successful business for 12 years. He employs eight staff and also deals with a lot of contractors and suppliers across multiple projects. Mark lives in Buderim and is married with three children, a dog, a cat and pet fish.

SCF has added value and given Mark an edge when promoting developments in the CBD to potential investment clients. The fibre-optic network will be an important factor in his future developments. This will also be an added selling tool to get more investment into the area. Mark believes that having access to high speed internet is vital in the future of business and in the Sunshine Coast’s development.

Mark is finding that easy access to parking and transport, as well as reduced power costs, are important for people looking to move or invest in the area as it impacts busy lifestyles. He gets a lot of enquiries about what sort of Wi-Fi facilities there are in the area which is important to residents and visitors.

Mark sometimes feels like his life is overrun by all these digital devices which is why he likes getting back to nature and tries to encourage his kids to get outside to kick the footy around. He would rather they went outside rather than spending time indoors playing Game of Thrones.

Mark believes in living life to the fullest and technology helps him do this. This includes using digital tools and software to manage his projects and calendar. He uses smartphones and gadgets and no one touches his big screen TV.

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