Ivy - Corporate Professional, Wife and Mother
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Mar 2018

Ivy is a lawyer, and married to Stuart who commutes to Brisbane four days a week for work. They have a seven year old son named Fitzgerald. Ivy relies on new technology to manage her busy life as well as providing increased safety when she is out running.

Ivy and her husband both drive to work, and use their smartphones to co-ordinate schedules. They both love the outdoors and are avid paddle boarders, who moved to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney for the sustainable lifestyle. Thanks to the development of the Maroochydore PDA, they were able to find a great apartment near the beach and within easy access to all the facilities they enjoy.

Ivy wakes with a start at 6.30 am as the fitness tracker on her wrist vibrates. As a working mother, Ivy struggles to find opportunities to train during daylight hours, and dreads using a treadmill. With the City Safe solution that incorporates Smart Lighting and the Sight, Sound and Sense capabilities of the Smart City, Ivy can rely on her smartphone to chart the safest running paths. These are based on public safety infrastructure and crime data sourced from the Open Data portal.

At an event held at the Smart Lab & Hub one night, Stuart and Fitzgerald bumped into Derek. Derek was presenting on Open Data and a new app that some of his team have built for council to allow smartphones to source data from smart meters. Stuart had been taking a web-programming course through the university in order to build a small application for helping him estimate construction jobs. He also saw an opportunity to extend council’s smart app to publish data to social networks.

Ivy, constantly connected on her smartphone, is an early adopter of technology like Uber, Air BnB and Airtasker and enjoys browsing Facebook and Pinterest in her downtime.