Imogen - Student Early 20s
  • Last updated:
  • 14 Feb 2019

Imogen is in her early twenties, studying Environmental Science at USC and working part time in hospitality. She also volunteers with Turtle Care Sunshine Coast. Imogen uses Wi-Fi at USC, the library or local coffee shops to study remotely for part of her course. She is always looking for Wi-Fi options, which are a factor when she chooses entertainment and dining options.

She finds it very helpful to get real time alerts while traveling as this helps her navigate her busy day. She is constantly on the move so being able to track the best routes for travel means reduced travel times and a less frustrating experience.

  • With so many commitments, Imogen is time poor and has just realised she has left it too late to catch the bus to Uni for an important exam. However, by checking the smart transport app she sees that her bus is actually running five minutes late in real time and she can still make it.

  • Imogen is considered a digital native, as digital and social are a natural part of her life and what she has always known. She strongly believes that technology can help solve environmental issues to help reduce carbon emissions, improve water quality and make green power more available.

Imogen is motivated to help make the changes within her own local environment. This includes using technology where possible to minimise her footprint.

With the Smart Lighting and the Sight, Sound and Sense capabilities of the Smart City, Imogen can rely on her smartphone to deliver real time information to her about potential transport issues and danger areas, which she appreciates as it means that her parents don’t have to worry about her as much.

Imogen is a big user of social media, the internet and mobile apps and likes to read eBooks on her smart devices.