Curtis and Dawn - Retired
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Dec 2017

Curtis and Dawn are active mid 70 year old retirees from Peregian Springs. They use remotely monitored digital technology to help them manage a few health issues that Curtis has had recently.

Curtis and Dawn are not big users of digital tools and find some of it annoying. They do see the value in some applications like being able to monitor Curtis's medication and home visits using a special app. They use the apps they hear about on TV and radio and also from their friends.

Curtis and Dawn enjoy dining out and make decisions on where to eat out using apps. They also take advantage of being able to book parking online. They often access the free Wi-Fi when having coffee with friends to refer to different websites when in conversation.

Dawn is having her hair done for a special anniversary dinner with Curtis. The appointment is taking longer than expected. After 1¾ hours of being away from her vehicle she receives a text to offer her another ½ hour parking for $4. It is as easy as pressing yes to complete the transaction as she is a registered user. All locals who register for Smart Parking receive a $100 credit each year.

Curtis supports new technology that can reduce power and water costs. Curtis uses his Smart Meter to track power usage. They can then cut back when required to keep their bills within their limited budget.

Curtis and Dawn Skype interstate with their grandchildren. They send a few emails each week and have a home PC but are thinking of buying a laptop.