Smart City projects
  • Last updated:
  • 15 Dec 2020

Council is delivering a range of smart projects across the Sunshine Coast.

  • Free public wifi
    Council has expanded and improved its free Wi-Fi services, with more than 200 access points now available across the region
  • SCC app
    The SCC App provides easy and timely access to a variety of council services for local residents and visitors (guided walks, events, around me, Disaster Hub, parking space availability etc).

  • Smart connected street poles

    Enable addition of digital services and smart sensors eg. Wifi or environmental sensors

  • Maroochydore City Centre
    Designed for the 21st Century, this ground-breaking development will be embedded with smart technologies, to create a cleaner, greener, dynamic new city centre

  • International broadband submarine cable
    Council is facilitating a new international submarine cable landing to South East Queensland by 2020 to improve telecommunications diversity to Australia's east coast

  • Solar farm
    The solar farm

     is now live and feeding electricity into the power grid, making us the first local government in Australia to offset 100% of its electricity consumption with energy from a renewable source.

  • Ride to School Program
    A digital platform uses sensors that send real-time notifications to parents about their child’s arrival and departure from school

  • Public waste bin sensors
    Measure waste levels and send alerts if bin is full or still empty to help council deliver more cost-effective waste management services
  • Networked street lighting
    Turned on/off automatically during twilight periods, reducing energy consumption, electricity costs and CO2 emissions
  • Digital touch screen kiosks
    Provide wayfinding and live information about events, weather, and public transportation
  • Pedestrian and cyclist counters

    Monitor how many people use public areas, eg parks and walking trails, allowing council to better maintain and clean facilities

  • Networked irrigation system
    Monitor if the soil is dry or wet and send alters if watering is required. Flow meters identify problems and leaks early to help save unintended waste of water
  • Network flood sensors
    Installed at selected roads and bridges prone to flooding. Information about closures is available on the SCC app
  • Digital mapping of public pathways
    Camera mounted quad bikes survey conditions of the region’s 1240km network of footpaths and collect data to help plan upgrades
  • Dog leash app
    Informs dog owners about where and when they can walk their dogs, including which locations require dogs to be on a leash