Smart Centre
  • Last updated:
  • 29 Dec 2018

A Smart Centre is located at 63 Bulcock Street, Caloundra and open from Monday to Friday 12pm - 4 pm.

To book a visit outside these hours email or contact council on (07) 5475 7272.

The Smart Centre and Living Lab showcases real-time results and examples of the smart city technology currently being tested. Technologies range from parking apps and free high speed public Wi-Fi to transport information and environmental water sensors providing data in real time. 

Living Lab

Free public Wi-Fi. Rubbish bins that sense when they need emptying. Smart phone technology which alerts motorists of available car parks. Irrigation systems that save water by connecting to weather forecasts. Data which helps businesses better understand customer behaviour.

These are just some of the smart technology solutions that council is testing at its Living Lab before they are gradually installed in key locations throughout the regional include the Caloundra CBD, new Maroochydore City Centre and Oceanside Health Hub.

Meet Cassie - our first robot recruit

We asked the Sunshine Coast community for help naming council’s first non-human recruit, Sanbot. It’s safe to say the community delivered. Council received 358 suggestions, and finally it has been decided that Sanbot will be named Cassie. The name Cassie was inspired by the Casuarina trees that line our region’s coastline.

You can visit Cassie at the Sunshine Coast Smart Centre, 63 Bulcock Street, Caloundra. She will be responsible for greeting guests and helping them take
self-tours if staff are busy with other visitors. Visitors can interact with her through voice, touch, and gesture recognition.

The Smart Centre is open Monday to Friday from noon – 4pm or by appointment.
School and corporate visits are also welcome. Book your visit via or contact council on (07) 5475 7272

Smart LED lighting for pathways and parks will be installed in key locations from 2017. These use colour changes and variable brightness to respond to the number of nearby people and vehicles. Smart light poles with dimmable LED lighting can also house CCTV, sensors, Wi-Fi and power outlets, and collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity and pollution levels.

Parking sensors are being trialed at several locations in Caloundra.  The sensors monitor car parks and show when a parking space is available. Council’s SCC App shows live parking availability. 

A Smart City Management Platform combines smart city services all in one place for council to access and manage. This platform receives data from sensors, street lights and Wi-Fi access points and uses alerts, analytics, visualisation and forecasting to manage service delivery in real-time.

Bin sensors strategically placed across the region measure waste levels, generate alerts and provide predictions to help council deliver more cost effective waste management services. The data will help with design and planning of parks and barbecue areas to ensure that enough bins are provided and are emptied more frequently during peak periods such as school holidays.

Using smart water meters with 4G technology to monitor water usage (commercial or residential) allows monitoring of water consumption in real time and instant leak detection and/or water theft identification. Sensors are being used in Pumicestone Passage to monitor the salinity and oxygen levels of the water to protect wildlife and our waterways.

There are over 130 free public Wi-Fi access points along the Sunshine Coast with more access points being installed in 2017. Data collected from the access points allow council to understand how public spaces are used and inform future design and planning.