Maroochydore City Centre Vision
  • Last updated:
  • 23 Nov 2018

The Vision for the Maroochydore City Centre represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish a new capital city for the Sunshine Coast.

The Maroochydore City Centre PDA will be the business, community services and employment focus for the Sunshine Coast, with a diverse range of medium and high density housing and an efficient and effective multi-modal public transport system.

The vision for delivery of the Maroochydore City Centre PDA includes:

  • creating a city heart in Maroochydore
  • delivering fully approved and serviced land for commercial, retail, residential, civic, cultural and community uses
  • building publically accessible waterways as a defining feature
  • facilitating rail based public transport via CAMCOS and possibly future light rail
  • creating a multi-modal public transport system
  • delivering a new road network to provide additional capacity to the existing road network within Maroochydore
  • providing interconnected public open space
  • establishing a central Sunshine Coast location for regional arts and entertainment.

Watch an animated 'fly-over' of the anticipated look and feel of Maroochydore City Centre on Council TV.

For further information on the Maroochydore City Centre vision, visit SunCentral.