Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy - Our Resilient Coast. Our Future
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Aug 2020

We're continuing the journey to develop 'Our Resilient Coast. Our Future', a long-term strategy to help manage the impacts of coastal hazards. Coastal hazards include erosion of our beaches, and short or long-term seawater inundation of land along the coastline.

The strategy development will include technical studies and strategic planning actions to inform a proactive plan for the long-term management of our coast. We are seeking to reduce the impacts of coastal hazards on our coast and communities, and enhance the resilience of our coastline. The development of this strategy is a key action in our Environment and Liveability Strategy.

Our Resilient Coast. Our Future aims to build a strong partnership with the Sunshine Coast community to incorporate your values and ideas into the strategy. If you have a keen interest in our coast and its future, please consider getting involved. There are several opportunities for you to contribute over the coming months.

Please visit the project Have Your Say page for more information and to get involved.

You can:

  • Subscribe to be involved and receive project updates. You will be notified of upcoming events and online activities
  • Share your thoughts with us about specific locations on the interactive map on the website
  • Complete the current survey to tell us about your experiences and perspectives on coastal adaptation
  • Register for one of the online community webinars where you can speak with the project team and share your ideas about adaptation.

The QCoast2100 program

Council is receiving funding support to develop the strategy from the QCoast2100 Coastal Hazard Adaptation Program. The QCoast2100 Program is an initiative of the Queensland Government and the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) which is intended to facilitate the development of a CHAS by each coastal council in Queensland. To date, 31 Queensland local governments have been successful in securing funding.

Council will also be undertaking the development of Our Resilient Coast. Our Future in accordance with the standards and guidelines provided through the QCoast2100 Program. These standards and other information relevant to coastal councils seeking to develop a coastal hazard adaptation strategy can be found at QCoast2100 Coastal Hazard Adaptation Program.


Less technical information and guidance on changing coastal hazards and coastal hazard adaptation can be accessed via the Coast Adapt Tool which has been created by the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility.


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