Muller Park Proposed Fenced Dog Exercise Area
  • Last updated:
  • 01 Nov 2021

To meet the community’s diverse range of needs, council is changing the existing dog off-leash provision at Muller Park, Bli Bli. 

Community engagement

Last year council invited the community to have their say over the proposed fenced dog exercise area by surveying and meeting with over 170 Bli Bli residents and Muller Park users. This consisted of feedback from both dog owners and non-dog owners. Submissions closed 14 October 2019.
From the feedback it is clear that opinions differ strongly over the provision of facilities for dogs. As a consequence, council has endeavored to provide solution that best meets most users:

  • Between 4.00pm to 8.00am, the park will continue to be a dog off leash area, with the exception of current exclusion zones. This time change has been developed from community feedback, with this time frame being indicated as preferable for peak dog walker use.
  • Between 8am – 4pm dog walkers may exercise their dogs off-leash within the 2500m2 fenced area, or walk their dogs on-leash throughout the park. This gives people who would like to visit the park when dogs are not running freely in the area to visit.
  • Dogs may be exercised off-leash within the designated fenced area at all times.

Where to from here?

A fenced dog exercise area will be constructed this financial year. 

The 2500 m2 dog exercise area includes:

  • fully fenced with 2 double gated entrances
  • seating
  • shade trees
  • water tap with dog bowl
  • rubbish bins with dog bag dispensers
  • 2 park signs at key entry points with maps indicating the extent of the fenced off-leash exercise area

For more information on the Sunshine Coast dog off leash areas, please visit councils website(External link)

Why develop fenced dog exercise areas?

Dog exercise areas are activity spaces provided by local governments that promote social and physical health for both dogs and their owners. As the population of the Sunshine Coast grows, the demand on council’s parks is increasing.

In order to keep parks safe for all users, council is rolling out a number of fully fenced dog exercise areas within existing parks to:

  • assist the community with responsible dog ownership
  • promote increased physical activity and social interaction of dogs and their owners
  • provide safe free running environment for dogs.

Local laws

It is a requirement of all dog owners within the Sunshine Coast Council area to abide by Sunshine Coast Council Subordinate Local Law No. 2 where all domestic animals are prohibited from entering:

  • bathing reserves
  • food establishments (where a sign is displayed)
  • children’s play areas
  • BBQ facilities provided in a park or reserve. 

By developing fenced dog exercise areas, council can allow dog owners to abide by the local law and provide exercise opportunities for their dogs.

The provision of fenced dog exercise areas also allows council to provide an important community service to people without dogs so the other park functions can be enjoyed.

Why was Muller Park been proposed for the fenced dog exercise area?

Muller Park has long been established as a dog off-leash area for the Bli Bli area. With the growth of Bli Bli residential area, an increased number of requests for a fenced dog exercise area were received by council.

A review of dog off-leash facilities identified that there was sufficient demand in Bli Bli for a formalised fenced dog exercise area. As a district level park with existing parking and toilet facilities, Muller Park presented an opportunity to meet this demand


For more information, please contact council’s Design & Placemaking Office via email