Maroochydore sand renourishment faqs

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Q. Maroochy River is a declared fish habitat area (FHA). Will it be impacted by the works?
A. The proposed sand extraction works are outside the FHA. Strict operating conditions and monitoring will ensure no undesirable impacts occur.
Q. Where will the sand delivery pipeline be located?
A. The pipeline will extend around the Cotton Tree Caravan Park shoreline and then sit behind the Maroochydore beach dune line. It will end near the Alexandra Headland skate park.

The section near the river mouth will be buried. The southern sections will be constructed above ground, towards the back of the dune, with visual screening in place.

Q. Will the works impact on the shorebirds that use the Maroochy River?
A. The project has been assessed and approved by the Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, who consider the impacts to shorebirds. The project will occur outside of known shorebird migration periods (October and April) to minimise any impacts.
Q. Will the works impact on Maroochy River fisheries?
A. The project has been assessed and approved by the State Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, who consider the impact on fisheries. To minimise any impacts, the project will stop operations during known fish spawning periods of the full and new moons during June, July, August and September.
Q. Is the Maroochy River sand of suitable quality to place on Maroochydore beach?
A. Sediment sampling has identified a target dredge area where the sand is the same shape and colour as Maroochydore beach sand.
Q. Will any dune or other vegetation be disturbed or destroyed?
A. It is likely that construction of the sand delivery pipeline will require the disturbance and removal of some minor dune vegetation. Revegetation will be undertaken after each sand renourishment operation to stabilise the dune.
Q. When will operations take place and will it cause significant noise disturbance?
A. Some noise associated with the works is expected. This noise will not exceed typical construction noise. Work will take place seven days a week, up to 12 hours a day from June to 30 September. This will exclude new and full moon periods between June and August to minimise any impacts to fish breeding.
Q. Will beach access be restricted?
A. Access to Maroochydore beach will be restricted within a small area (approximately 50m x 50m) where earth moving machinery is used to progressively profile the sand throughout the project. This location will vary depending on the stage of the works.
Q. Will the proposed works solve shoreline erosion problems along Maroochydore beach?
A. The beach will still suffer erosion from time to time, however the added sand will help the beach to respond to these events in a more natural way and provide added security to the adjacent assets.
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