Maroochydore Intersection Upgrades
  • Last updated:
  • 16 Nov 2018

Council is upgrading a number of key intersections on Aerodrome Road and Maud Street in Maroochydore.

These upgrades are essential to improve road safety, connectivity and to cater for the future growth of Maroochydore as the key centre for business and commerce on the Sunshine Coast.

The Maroochydore intersection upgrades are a joint initiative of Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government. 

View the artist impression video of this project in helping to shape the future of Maroochydore. 

Project scope

The upgrades will accommodate the future growth of the Maroochydore region and deliver: 

  • improved traffic connectivity 
  • improved road safety 
  • new pedestrian paths and crossings
  • a separated cycle facility 
  • improved public transport connectivity 
  • improved underground services 
  • a significant visual improvement to the area with landscaping and streetscape beautification treatments
  • space for a future light rail corridor. 

Intersections covered in the project area of work[285KB] include: 

  • Aerodrome Road intersections - First Avenue, Maud Street (completion due end 2018)
  • Maud Street intersections - Bungama Street, Allambie Street, Dalby Street (completed August 2017) 

Aerodrome Road Intersections Upgrade

Construction to upgrade two major intersections on Aerodrome Road commenced in April 2017 and is progressing on schedule due for completion by the end of 2018 (weather permitting). 

A layout of Aerodrome Road Intersections Upgrade[526KB] is available to be viewed. 

Construction status

Construction on the Aerodrome Road Intersections upgrades is being undertaken by council. 

The construction site is operating both day and night, five days per week. To minimise construction impacts on road users and the local community, the bulk of construction is being undertaken at night - often involving multiple crews at several locations. 

New four-lane entrance to city centre  Footpath, separate cycle path and overhead lighting  Complete
New traffic signals installed at intersections Aerodrome Road at Maud Street and First Avenue Complete
Underground service work   Complete
Stormwater upgrades   Complete
Overhead power lines Relocated underground Complete
Road pavement, new footpath and landscaping Cnr First Avenue and Aerodrome Road (KFC corner) Complete
Road pavement, new footpath, bus shelter and landscaping Northern side of Aerodrome Road 85% complete
Road pavement, new footpath, bus and arbour shelter and preparation of landscaped urban square Southern side of Aerodrome Road 75 % complete


Community update 5
April 2018
Community update 4[1308KB]
September 2017
Community update 3[1728KB]
April 2017
Community update 2[4778KB]
October 2016
Community update 1[2567KB]  August 2016


Notification - Asphalting night work and road closures
 17 September 2018
Notification – Electrical night work and road closures [186KB]
 7 September 2018

Notification - Electrical night work and road closures[186KB]

 30 August 2018
Notification - Road Asphalting[186KB]
 23 May 2018
Notification - Pedestrian Changes[455KB]  18 January 2018
Notification - Christmas closure[177KB]
18 December 2017
Notification - Maud Street pedestrian crossing[182KB]
23 November 2017
Notification - Aerodrome Road intersection work[210KB]
16 November 2017
Notification - Maud Street night road closure[124KB]
3 September 2017
Notification - Intersection work - Traffic and pedestrian changes[515KB]
2 August 2017
Notification - Maud Street night work road closure[129KB]
27 July 2017 
Notification - First Avenue closure[310KB]  17 July 2017 
Notification - Maud Street Asphalting[129KB] 28 June 2017
Notification - Activity Summary June-August [186KB] 9 June 2017 
Notification - Pedestrian changes [444KB] 2 June 2017
Notification - Aerodrome Rd underboring night work[301KB]  19 May 2017
Notification - First Ave bus stop relocation[276KB] 19 May 2017
Notification 7 [189KB] May 2017
Notification 6[125KB]
April 2017
Notification 5[300KB]  April 2017
Notification 4[303KB]
February 2017
Notification 3[308KB]
February 2017
Notification 2[101KB]
February 2017
Notification 1[290KB]
November 2016

Work on upgrading this key transport corridor remains on track with underground service upgrades now complete, and new road pavements, footpaths and lighting starting to take shape.

The underground services that run through the project area are extensive. Council has upgraded the existing services situated at the intersections on Aerodrome Road at Maud Street and First Avenue, and has installed new services linking to the expanded city centre.

Most of this work was undertaken at night and was completed on schedule at the end of last year. The construction team was then able to focus its attention on the construction of aboveground infrastructure.

Council’s construction team will continue to work solidly over the coming months to keep the project on track for an end 2018 completion (weather permitting).

Key construction tasks over the coming months will include:

  • work to intensify on the northern side of Aerodrome Road, between First Avenue and Maud Street, includes completing the new footpath, kerb and channel, road pavement and installing a new bus stop
  • landscaping (turf and plants) to commence around completed work areas (approximately mid-year)
  • new pedestrian path on the southern side of Aerodrome Road, and footings for a new bus shelter, to be installed by mid-year – streetscape features and extensive landscaping in the urban square to follow
  • new concrete medians to be installed on Aerodrome Road.

Once these milestone tasks are complete, the construction team will enter the final stages of the construction program. Work will involve installing the remaining lighting, commissioning traffic signals, road asphalting and line marking. 

Changes to traffic conditions

Council is making every effort to minimise impacts to road users and the local community during construction. However, throughout the construction period, there will be:

  • changed traffic conditions – reduced speed limits, temporary lane closures, traffic and pedestrian realignments
  • changes to on-street parking
  • increased heavy vehicle movements
  • construction noise and regular night work.

View the latest changes to traffic conditions

The project team will continue to liaise with directly affected businesses and residents to inform them of specific construction activities, timeframes and impacts.

Council would like to thank the local community for its patience during the construction of this key transport upgrade for Maroochydore.

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To receive regular project updates throughout the construction period, please register your contact details to or phone the project information line: 1800 895 189.

The Aerodrome Road Intersection Upgrades are a joint initiative of Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government.