Landsborough Placemaking Master Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 13 Feb 2020

Council, in collaboration with the community, is undertaking a placemaking master planning process in Landsborough.

Placemaking is a process to enable the community to provide input, discuss ideas and essentially guide the development of a vision and future plan a town.

Previous council plans and studies have also identified further investigation of the heritage precinct project in Landsborough as a priority.

Project scope

Through this project, council will engage with the community to create a shared vision for the future of Landsborough and will seek to understand what is loved about Landsborough as well as what could be enhanced.

The feedback received will be used to develop a community action plan to achieve the shared vision for Landsborough.

The project will involve the engagement of a consultant team to undertake the following phases throughout 2019:

  • Site Analysis
  • Phase 1 of Community Engagement "Values and Visioning"
  • Draft Master Plan
  • Phase 2 of Community Engagement "Testing Your Ideas"
  • Final Master Plan.

Council is expected to endorse the master plan in June 2019.

Project update

The first, current, phase of community engagement is the "Values and Visioning" phase. Council would love to hear your thoughts on how Landsborough could be upgraded.

You are invited to Have Your Say on how to improve the town. Please complete the online survey or come to one of the upcoming engagement activities.

Where to from here

The project team will collate and review all of the feedback from the first phase of engagement and develop a draft master plan.

The draft master plan will be presented to the community for further feedback as part of the second stage of community engagement in early May 2019.

Updates on the project will be made available on this website.


The need for this project has been driven by the current and future growth needs as identified in the Sunshine Coast Environment and Livability Strategy and Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan.

Landsborough is at the heart of a growing region with future urban development planned within the town and surrounding area. Council recognises the opportunity to reinforce Landsborough as a great place renowned by locals for its family friendly peaceful lifestyle and prepare the town and its community for the future.

As a rural town, Landsborough is a popular tourism destination which capitalises on its beautiful natural surrounds and heritage town charm. Cribb Street, which is home to historic buildings and adjoins the railway station, is the traditional town centre servicing local residents and nearby rural residential areas. It also provides tourist services to visitors.

Landsborough is an important public transport node with a bus link from the railway station to the hinterland and coastal urban areas. The North Coast Rail line bisects the local plan area through the town centre and includes a train station and ‘park and ride’ car park adjacent to Cribb Street.

You may be aware that the Queensland State Government recently consulted with the community regarding proposed rail upgrades and the potential closure of level crossings in Landsborough. While the rail project is wholly controlled by the Queensland Government and is a separate project to the council Placemaking Master Plan, an integrated approach to planning and delivering both projects will be taken in order to minimise potential impacts and maximise opportunities of the proposed projects for Landsborough.

The placemaking master planning process will provide an opportunity for council to work with the community to identify key issues and concerns for Landsborough, including those relating to the proposed Queensland Government rail project. While council will present community feedback relating to the rail project to the Queensland Government, there is no guarantee that this feedback will be implemented.


If you require additional information regarding this project please contact or council's project officer on (07) 5475 7272.