Bulcock Streetscape stage 4
Bulcock Street Streetscape Project
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  • 09 Jan 2018

The Bulcock Street Streetscape Master Plan includes a streetscape design that builds on the existing character of Bulcock Street and make sure it remains a safe and enjoyable place for visitors and locals. The upgrade enhances the look and experience of the area, improves safety and access, and provides a new drawcard which maintains and builds a sustainable economy for Caloundra.

Project scope

The Bulcock Street Streetscape project will ensure the heart of Caloundra looks attractive. It will visually improve the city centre and streetscape, and improve safety, and access.

The project aims to provide:

  • visual and physical improvements to the city centre and streetscape environment
  • improved safety, access and a supportive environment for the extension of the evening economy
  • a catalyst for maintaining and attracting new business
  • an enhanced social environment for daily users and visitors
  • a safe and convenient environment that encourages and supports community events.

The Bulcock Street masterplan[906KB] is based on findings in the Caloundra Economic Revitalisation Study 2014 (Pracsys Report).

Project update

Stage 4 - Upper Bulcock Street

The next stage of the Bulcock Street Streetscape Project is Stage 4. This stage involves the area of Upper Bulcock Street, extending from Minchinton Street to the Knox Avenue intersection.

The Stage 4 design plan[3769KB] outlines the key elements of this stage of the streetscape project. 

The $2 million Stage 4 upgrade will complement the design and character of Stage 3 to ensure a sense of connectivity and continuity along Bulcock Street. The roadway will be reshaped and upright kerbs removed as per lower Bulcock Street.

Design improvements will include new trees and shrubs, new footpaths, additional street furniture, directional signage and public art. Smart City technology will be incorporated using information and communication technologies to connect people and processes.

The Stage 4 design was on public display in August 2017 and an information session was held in September 2017. 

Stage 4 - proposed construction timetable*

Considering business feedback from Stage 3, major streetscape construction work will not begin until after the 2018 Easter holidays.

Local businesses and the community will be kept informed about the project, ahead of, and during construction.

The initial timeframe for Stage 4 is:

November 2017  Construction tender released
December 2017 / January 2018 Construction tender awarded
January 2018 Construction schedule determined
February - March 2018
Unitywater mains water line replacement (exact dates to be advised by Unitywater)
Friday 30 March 2018 - Monday 16 April 2018
Easter and Queensland school holiday period (no construction)
Mid April 2018 - early December 2018 Stage 4 construction


* Stage 4 construction schedule to be confirmed after appointment of successful construction contractor. All dates subject to weather and site conditions. 

Community updates

Tree groves and landscaping

Council and independent arborists have determined that the nine roadside fig trees in Stage Four present significant ongoing maintenance and safety issues, based on structural instability relating to the trees’ under developed root systems.

As part of Stage 4 work, the upright concrete planter boxes will be removed and the fig trees replaced with more suitable species of an advanced size (up to approximately 4.5m in height) along with attractive, ground level planting areas. 

The new landscape design includes two ‘tree groves’ at the upper end of Bulcock Street. The groves are larger, planted areas that will provide shade and include multiple, advanced size trees and understorey plants.

A new seating area on Knox Avenue will allow for views to the Pumicestone Passage.

Approximately 70 additional trees, and accompanying plants and shrubs will feature in Stage 4 providing a welcoming, green, natural environment for residents and visitors.

The fig trees in the roundabouts will remain. 

Unitywater water main replacement - February to March 2018

From February to March 2018 Unitywater will be replacing the underground water main pipes in Upper Bulcock Street.

These major works will be scheduled as nightworks and are independent of the streetscape work.

Once the water main pipes are replaced, temporary bitumen footpaths will be in place until permanent footpaths can be constructed as part of the new streetscape works.

Unitywater will liaise directly with affected businesses including organising temporary water supplies where required.


The construction footprint for Stage 4 (Upper Bulcock St) extends from Minchinton Street to Knox Avenue and will complement the design and character of Stage 3 works.

Construction is expected to take place between April - December 2018.

Stage 4 improvements will include new footpaths, additional street furniture, new trees and shrubs, directional signage and public art.

Smart City technology will be incorporated using information and communication technologies to connect people and processes in a way that makes the town more liveable, workable and sustainable. This includes automatic traffic bollards, additional free Wi-Fi points, sensors for waste bins and car parking, and LED lighting.

The roadway will be reshaped and upright kerbs removed to ensure continuity and connectivity from lower Bulcock Street.

Council will use the learnings from the previous stages of construction to inform the construction approach to Stage 4 works.

As has been the case in previous stages, local businesses and the community will be kept informed about the project, ahead of works commencing and during construction.


Stages 1, 2 and 3

On ground construction works for Stage 1, 2 and 3 of the Bulcock Street Streetscape project are complete.

Development of the major lighting feature incorporated as part of Stage 3 (lower Bulcock Street) works remains in progress. 

The lighting feature will provide a dynamic and modern focal point to light up Bulcock Street at night and complement the upgraded street lighting. 


As part of Stage 3 (lower), a new high capacity underground stormwater drainage system has been installed along Otranto Avenue and part of Bulcock Street. It includes a major subsurface stormwater filter, which will help prevent rubbish from entering the Pumicestone Passage and improve water quality.

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For more information, please contact Bulcock Streetscape Coordinator on (07) 5475 7272 or register your details at bulcockstreetscape@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au to receive regular updates via email.