Rural Futures Strategy
  • Last updated:
  • 22 May 2020

This Strategy is no longer active. Refer to the Regional Economic Development Strategy.

Council endorsed the Rural Futures Strategy at its Ordinary Meeting on 24 April 2013.

The Rural Futures Strategy contributes to council's vision by setting out a unified strategy for the hinterland areas and provides a regional framework for rural communities.

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This strategy sets out the range of activities that will help strengthen and enhance the existing role of the Hinterland as a location:

  • for agriculture production
  • for tourism activities
  • for a range of economic opportunities
  • for rural lifestyles
  • that fosters community cohesion
  • of diverse natural assets.


This direction together with the views, values and aspirations articulated through public consultation and background research, have contributed to the five objectives of the strategy. They are:

1. To maintain and enhance lifestyle options

The existing lifestyle options of the Sunshine Coast's rural communities are valued and supported in line with community expectations.

2. To maximise the use of land for agricultural and other compatible purposes

Existing production activities and landscape characteristics are maintained and enhanced - and available productive and potentially productive land is maintained for future agricultural activities.

3. To provide a range of economic opportunities

Food producing capabilities where the region has a competitive advantage are encouraged and supported to meet the consumption needs of the region and to take advantage of a growing local and global awareness of food security. Worthwhile business investment and localised employment opportunities commensurate with the values and characteristics of the rural communities are encouraged.

4. To foster community development and improve social cohesion

Communities are supported to participate in decisions relating to their future and to maximise their participation in the social fabric of their locality.

5. To grow in line with community needs and expectations

Grow the region’s rural areas in line with their needs and community expectations with appropriate hard and soft infrastructure delivered in a timely, appropriate and cost effective manner.

Community engagement

The Draft Rural Futures Strategy was available for public comment between 7 January and 22 February 2013. Feedback received was used to develop the final strategy.


As part of the preparation of the draft strategy, council conducted an open online forum and hosted three free community workshops to hear your views. Submissions closed on 6 October 2011.

A number of background documents have guided the draft strategy:


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