Sunshine Coast Wellbeing Charter
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Dec 2017

Council adopted the Sunshine Coast Wellbeing Charter at its Ordinary Meeting on 15 September 2010.


The Sunshine Coast Wellbeing Charter assists council to develop strategies and form partnerships, which aim to enhance wellbeing on the Sunshine Coast.


The Sunshine Coast Wellbeing Charter guides strategy development and wellbeing priorities for the Sunshine Coast region.

To deliver key strategies that enhance wellbeing on the Sunshine Coast, council:

  • has established a common understanding and framework for wellbeing
  • researches existing documents and strategies at a local and global level
  • establishes baseline data from existing research
  • provides direction to progress wellbeing within the community.

The Charter works most effectively as a series of wellbeing commitments.

Community engagement

The community was invited to have their say on the draft Sunshine Coast Wellbeing Charter by providing a written submission.

Submissions closed 5.00 pm Friday 31 December 2010.


The development of a response towards wellbeing stems from council’s corporate priorities. Council and key partners have developed a wellbeing foundation paper. The paper forms the basis for understanding wellbeing, which has been translated into the Charter commitments.


For more information, contact the Manager, Community Planning and Development via council's customer service centre.