Sunshine Coast Stadium Expansion
  • Last updated:
  • 19 May 2020

With a population of over 320,000 people and the second highest forecast population growth rate in Queensland through to 2041, we have an ambition to develop a stadium that over time, will have the capacity to stage international and national sporting, recreational and entertainment events. An enhanced stadium with the capability to stage national sport events and large entertainment events is a ‘missing piece’ of the core economic and community infrastructure mix for a region of this size and its projected growth.

The Sunshine Coast – through contributions from Council and local philanthropic circumstances – is committing $28 million towards this project. The balance of funding (i.e. $40 million) is being sought as a collective commitment from each of the Australian and Queensland governments (i.e. $20 million each). 

The project is planned to be delivered as a Staged Development:

  • Stage 1 – expansion of the current Western Grandstand and development of a new Eastern Grandstand. 
  • Stage 2 – desired end state, with Northern and Southern Grandstands and infill of corners. This stage would be triggered by the attraction of a new national sporting franchise, SEQ Olympics, etc. 

 Key drivers of project design have been:

  • A fan friendly venue 
  • Improved revenue streams  
  • Compliance
  • Operational efficiency
  • Capacity for growth.

Key Facts

  • Seat increase from 1,046 to 11,618. 
  • Total capacity of 16,618 inclusive of mounds at North and South ends
  • Stage 1 total cost of $68 million 

 View the Sunshine Coast Stadium Expansion Summary [7820KB].


For more information contact council.