Sunshine Coast Access and Inclusion Plan
  • Last updated:
  • 05 Sep 2019

The Sunshine Coast Access and Inclusion Plan 2011-2016 became effective in December 2011. The plan sets out actions that council will take to provide access and inclusion for all.

The Access and Inclusion Plan is available to download:

The plan is available in Braille and CD (audio) versions. Sunshine Coast Libraries have Braille and CD copies for loan.

Note: Personal copies of Braille and CDs can be ordered by emailing or phoning council’s Community Development Officer on (07) 5441 8186.


The Sunshine Coast Access and Inclusion Plan aims to enable people to:

  • engage in society
  • move about the region with dignity and independence.


The plan has been developed around five focus areas:

  1. Pedestrians, parking and transport – getting around
  2. Community facilities, amenities and open space – places and spaces
  3. Planning and services – diverse and broad services
  4. Training, employment and participation – sharing in and contributing to society
  5. Communication and community engagement – Accessible and relevant communication.

Community engagement

Engagement Activity Held
Access and Mobility Forum November 2010
Access Action Plan community forums (x4) June 2011
Community survey June 2011


Seven guiding principles underpin council’s commitment to access and inclusion:

  1. Access
  2. Inclusion
  3. Equity
  4. Respect
  5. Dignity
  6. Participation
  7. Safety.


The Sunshine Coast Access and Inclusion Plan is available in a full length format:

Or access the plan as separate MP3 chapters:

 Chapter title
 Sunshine Coast Access and Inclusion Plan announcement[165KB]
 Table of contents[956KB]
 Sunshine Coast Council contact details[302KB]
 Executive summary[944KB]
 About the region[952KB]
 Strategic context[895KB]
 Guiding principles[609KB]
 Role of government[1817KB]
 Focus areas[1305KB]
 Focus area 1 - Pedestrians, parking and transport[1115KB]
 Strategies 1 - 4[1261KB]
 Strategies 5 - 8[1129KB]
 Strategies 9 - 12[1287KB]
 Strategies 13 - 15[1112KB]
 Focus area 2 - Community facilities, amenities and open space[1167KB]
 Strategies 16 - 19[1824KB]
 Strategies 20 - 22[1312KB]
 Focus area 3 - Planning and services[1536KB]
 Strategies 23 - 25[1212KB]
 Strategies 26 - 27[934KB]
 Strategies 28 - 30[1402KB]
 Strategies 31 - 32[800KB]
 Strategies 33 - 34[1191KB]
 Strategies 35 - 36[814KB]
 Focus area 4 - Training, employment and participation[977KB]
 Strategies 37 - 40[1659KB]
 Strategies 41 - 44[1030KB]
 Focus area 5 - Communication and community engagement[1100KB]
 Strategies 45 - 48[1805KB]
 Strategies 49 - 54[1186KB]
 Strategies 55 - 58[991KB]
 Appendix A - Council's planning context diagram[661KB]
 Appendix B - List of audits[1456KB]
 Appendix C - How the plan was developed[589KB]
 Appendix D - Implementation, monitoring and reporting[657KB]
 Appendix E - Glossary[1218KB]
 Acknowledgements, disclaimer, publishing and copyright[950KB]
 Closing announcement[404KB]


For more information, contact council’s Development Officer on (07) 5441 8436 or email

Helpful resources and information

Information on services that support people with disabilities, carers and their families:

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