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Palmwoods Streetscape Project
  • Last updated:
  • 24 May 2019

The Palmwoods Streetscape Project will deliver the first stage of the Palmwoods Public Domain Master Plan that was endorsed by council at its November 2014 Ordinary Meeting. The Palmwoods Master Plan was accepted by 98% of community members who provided feedback during the master planning phase.

Project scope

The Palmwoods Streetscape Project includes the construction of a new town square in the heart of Palmwoods. The project represents the first stage of the Palmwoods Public Domain Master Plan. 

It is a green community space for people to gather in the heart of Palmwoods, adjacent to the Memorial Hall.

It provides a central meeting point for festivals and community celebrations - with seating, shade and outdoor dining opportunities - and  improves pedestrian links through the town, connecting the three shopping precincts on Margaret, Main and Little Main Streets. 

Streetscape works on Main Street and Hill Street are connected by an all access timber boardwalk in a grove of mature Piccabeen palms, named the Piccabeen Walk after the tree that Palmwoods takes its name from.

Other key features of this area include retaining walls, relocation of services, road widening in Main Street and construction of a new ramped access from Main Street up to Little Hill Street. This project aims to maximise the amount of level space available for community use while complementing the Palmwoods town character.

Project update

Major construction of the Palmwoods Streetscape Project is complete and took place from July - December 2017.

Regular updates are provided to residents, businesses and community representatives during major construction work. 

Take a look at the time-lapse videos capturing progress on the project construction work. 

December 2017

November 2017

October 2017

September 2017

August 2017

Construction phasing

The Palmwoods Overall Staging Plan[441KB] provides an overview of the phasing areas.  

Phase 1(A) 10 July - late July 2017
Phase 1(B) October 2017
Phase 2 early July to mid November 2017
Phase 3 early October to late September 2017
Phase 4 early September to late November 2017
Phase 5 mid September to early October 2017
Phase 6 early October to early November 2017
Phase 7 late October to mid November 2017
Phase 8 mid November to late December 2017


For more information, please contact the Palmwoods Streetscape Project Team via or 1800 531 597.

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