Jack Morgan Park
  • Last updated:
  • 21 May 2019

Council is planning to revitalise and activate the Jack Morgan Park precinct in Coolum.

Project scope

Current work completed within the Jack Morgan Park precinct include:

  • Stage one upgrade and revitalisation of the district-level recreation parkland
  • reconfiguration of the road and carparking layout
  • external improvements to the civic centre entry
  • internal upgrades to the civic centre foyer area
  • Coolum Library facility development plan.

Project update

Council developed a landscape concept plan that outlines the proposed upgrades. It provides a framework for future funding, design, construction and refurbishment of important areas within the park.

Construction on Stage One of the Jack Morgan Park upgrade is now complete. Stage One includes improvements to Park Road, Jack Morgan Park and Coolum Civic Centre. See Community Update 2 below for further details about Stage One.

Where to from here

Updates on the revitalisation and upgrade of the Jack Morgan Park precinct will be made available on council's website.

Further upgrades to the park will occur in stages over a number of years subject to available funding.


In 2014 council undertook community engagement for Jack Morgan Park with a series of meetings where local stakeholders and residents were able to view and comment on the draft concept plan.

Consultation meetings were held with the Coolum Community Centre, Coolum Bowls Club, Child Care Centre, Coolum Theatre Players, Coolum Senior Citizens, Project Coolum (comprising representatives from Coolum Coast Care, Coolum Residents Association, Coolum Beach Lions Club, Coolum High School, Coolum Business and Tourism) and surrounding residents.

Correspondence in relation to this project includes;

Council values your interest in this project and would like to thank those who have provided feedback.


In 2009, residents, traders and property owners participated in interactive sessions to find out what should be included in the Coolum Village Centre Landscape Masterplan (2010).

The masterplan is a set of guiding principles that will give direction for the future development in Coolum Village to ensure it is consistent with the community's vision.

Council has completed the first four stages of the masterplan that included streetscape upgrades along David Low Way.

  • Stage 1 involved construction of the Coolum Surf Club art area to the south of the surf club that was completed in September 2010.
  • Stage 2 involved constructing a new public amenities building in Tickle Park and improved pedestrian links and landscape gardens that were completed in August 2011.
  • Stage 3 involved constructing a new roundabout at the intersection of Birtwill Street and David Low Way and major streetscaping improvements that were completed in December 2011.
  • Stage 4 involved constructing a new roundabout at the Elizabeth Street and David Low Way intersection (McDonalds/The Coffee Club corner) and major streetscaping improvements that were completed in December 2012.

The upgrade and revitalisation of the Jack Morgan Park precinct is in the next stage of this masterplan.


If you require additional information regarding this project please contact the Community Communication contact on 0423 764 260 or email coolum@newsroompr.com.au