How to support the bushfire recovery
  • Last updated:
  • 12 Jan 2020

Sunshine Coast residents are all too familiar with the devastation natural disasters can bring.

Disastrous bushfires have burnt through millions of hectares across the country this season, destroying at least 1,700 homes and sadly, claiming more than 20 lives.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the many residents across multiple states who are reeling from the impacts of bushfires on top of the drought and other impacts.

We know that our generous Sunshine Coast community wants to lend a hand and is also asking how they can best donate to people affected by the fires and to frontline emergency services.

After all, it’s all about mates helping mates in true Aussie spirit.

Let’s show the communities across Queensland and our southern counterparts that we care. Feel free to provide support any way you can.

How you can support those affected by bushfires

 How you can support affected wildlife

How you can support firefighters

How to volunteer

For those looking to volunteer, the best way to enlist is through Volunteering Australia

If you are not in a position to make a cash donation, you may be able to assist a local charity with their fundraising campaigns.

How to support community fundraising events

Sunshine Coast Lightning will host a barbeque fundraiser in February. Lightning’s affiliate USC Thunder side and Melbourne Storm’s feeder rugby league team, Sunshine Coast Falcons are also involved. The Storm family fundraiser aims to raise $150,000 through their GoFundMe appeal.

More information

Stay tuned for updates on additional local responses and fund raising activities.